ALMACIS originated from Marramiero Company that, since the 50s, has started the establishment of water networks and distribution systems, irrigation and sanitation, in addition to the traditional activities in the field of civil and industrial construction in Abruzzo and in Center and Southern Italy. In the 70s the company successfully enters the field of methane networks and systems, acquiring the management of more than 40 concessions.
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ALMACIS then was born in the 80s to restructure the company business in the field of natural gas and  to strengthen its presence in the field of special installations, energy, cogeneration and water treatment. At the same time from the original Marramiero Company originated other two companies: MD Construzioni and MD Ecogen, the first one specialized in civil and industrial construction and the second one in services; though in their autonomy and independence they play with Almacis an active synergistic action.
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Alma c.i.s. deals with the feasibility study, design, implementation, testing, …
A now consolidated experience over the years, thanks to its professionalism and expertise. Since 1987 Alma c.i.s.
The construction industry contains the whole synergy of other sectors of Alma c.i.s. The know-how and technologies are used...

Water and gas networks
Main features: Year of completion: 2011 - Total project cost: 8.000.000€ -
 Realizzazione di un complesso edilizio composto da 15 piani con struttura in cemento armato con cavi post-tesi  per 16.000,00 mq complessivi 
Plants construction
Main features: Year of completion: 2000 - Total project cost: 5,161,800.00$ - Amount of engine generators installed: 2